Over Thirty Years Experience in the Point of Sale and Cash Register Industry.
Based in Washington State, serving Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, And all of the Greater Puget
Sound Area, and Western Washington
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Digital Dining's Point of Sale Software does a lot, it's simple to use and goes way
beyond the basics.

  • Digital Dining's Table Service register provides the ultimate in features designed to assist the server in
    efficient service.  A server may meet all the guests' needs with a touch to the screen.
  • Digital Dining's Bar\Quick Service register is a quick order entry screen designed to provide maximum
    speed and efficiency as quick transactions are conducted
  • Digital Dining's Counter Service registers are designed to make it flexible, fast and efficient.  Choose
    between a counter service register and 4 different drive through registers.
  • Digital Dining's Delivery registers can bring your menu into your customer's homes.  With a quick
    service register for your phone orders and a dispatch register to track your drivers, all of your delivery
    needs can be maintained effectively.
  • Digital Dining's Table Management registers allow you to control and sustain  the flow of customers in
    and out of your restaurant.  You can use Host mode, Bus mode, or use defined table alarms to alert
    you of a tables status automatically.
  • Digital Dining's Point of Sale software is compatible with handheld computers.  This will enable
    restaurants to increase productivity and efficiency by implementing handheld computers with servers
    and all of Digital Dining's superb functionality will be available at servers fingertips.
No one has a faster
and better equipped
Table Service POS
interface then Digital
Dining. Our Table
Service POS is Fast,
Easy and Complete.
Our Bar Screen Is
exactly what you
need in a fast paced
Bar / Club
environment. Digital
Dinning's Fast Bar
Screen eliminates all
of the excuses Bar
Tenders have for not
ringing in items as
they go!
Digital Dining Has all
the tools you need to
accomplish POS
controls anywhere
including our state of
the art Hand Held
Terminals. Including
Hand Held Terminals
that process Credit