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Datacap devices like the TwinTran enable many SAM4s or Sharp cash
registers to authorize electronic payments via the Internet with automatic
dial backup. The TwinTran is the most popular and it uses  a  regular  
telephone  line  to  provide  redundant  communication with no
intervention from the operator.  Replacing cumbersome stand-beside
terminals and eliminating the need for a PC to connect to the Inter-net,
Datacap devices free up counter space, speeds customer throughput,
reduces administration time, fights employee fraud and eliminates costly
dedicated phone  lines.  Datacap devices like the TwinTran  can be
interfaced to many embedded  systems,  including cash registers, kiosks,
parking systems, car wash systems and vending machines,  and  
supports  major  payment  processors  for  credit,  debit,  check, gift and
loyalty transactions.
Datacap TwinTran connected to Sharp cash register
Datacap Cash Register Credit Card Payments Interface
Glossary of terms and conditions and terms for ordering a Datacap
Datacap Dial Tran = This model of Datacap connect with dial up only. Requires phone line and has a slower transaction
time compared to the other Datacap models.

Datacap IP Tran = This model of Datacap connects to your merchant services via an Internet connection only, it has no
other connection. You must have inter-net access to connect the IP Tram to.

Datacap TwinTran = This model of Datacap has an IP connection as a default and a dial connection as a back up. You
must have an Internet connection and a phone line. This is the most popular model of Datacap.

MSR = Magnetic Stripe Reader. Do you need to add a MSR to the Datacap device or will you be using the MSR on your
cash register.


Standard Single Lane
= One cash register only will be connected to the Datacap device.

Single Lane with Gift = One cash register only will be connected to the enhanced version of Datacap device that
support gift card transactions.

Standard Multi Lane = Two or more cash registers connected to one Datacap Device. Check your cash register
specifications for capability.

Multi Lane with Gift = Two or more cash registers connected to one enhanced version of Datacap device that
support gift card transactions. Check your cash register specifications for capability.

**Add Support Options:

= Without support. Your Datacap device will be shipped to you with your merchant parameters installed. Price
does not include ANY support time at all. No exceptions will be made. Connecting and operating your Datacap
device and your cash register is not covered in the price of the device, is not covered by warranty.

Yes two hours = This option is our recommended amount of support required for the typical installation. Every
install is different and this is the amount we recommend however you may require more. The two hour option does
not cover additional time after two hours and is not intended to cover the installation regardless of time. If you have
any questions regarding support please contact us before you purchases a Datacap device at 1-800-863-2274

** All Datacap device sales are final, there will be no refunds or credits. Please contact us to ensure you are buying the
correct product and discuss support options.
To order your Datacap or to have an
existing Datacap re-programmed call
us at 1-800-863-2274